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Personalised Zam Zam Water Wedding Favours Delivered Worldwide

Creative Wedding Favours

Pure Zam Zam London provides unique customised party favours, suitable for guests at your wedding or any special occasion. Favours contain Zam Zam water, Ajwa dates, or a filling of your choice.

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Designing Mementos

Our favours are a guaranteed hit, providing a creative souvenir of your special day for your guests. Give them a memento with a personal touch with our individually personalised products.


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About Us

Pure Zam Zam London is a dynamic company with an inspired concept of providing unique mini-gifts, suitable as wedding favours or customised goodies for special occasions or corporate events.

Founded in 2012, we are committed to providing memorable souvenirs, containing Zam Zam water or a choice of different contents, personalised with either a unique message or a brand logo. Customer service is our top priority, and with more than 15 years’ experience in the wedding industry, we know how to please.