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Get Personalised Party Favours Containing Zam Zam Water or Ajwa Dates

Looking to give your guests a souvenir to remember? Pure Zam Zam London provides personalised, high-quality party favours for special occasions, including weddings and birthdays. Favours include bottles of Zam Zam water, or jars of dates, including the popular premium option of Ajwa dates.

Styles of Favour

We are always pioneering new designs and ideas for the presentation of our favours. Our personalised Zam Zam water bottles come in either regular or honey pot varieties, with two labels. They are also available in any colour scheme and design you like.

CONTACT US today to enquire about party favours containing Zam Zam water and Ajwa dates.

On request, we create chocolates matching your specifications exactly, suitable as a favour or as a customised gift. We also offer personalised mini-jars of Nutella, displaying your name where the logo would usually be. Whatever your preferences, we’re always innovating our range of products to surprise and delight our customers.